Are there aborted fetal cells in the COVID-19 vaccines?

Anyone with a science background who starts to follow the anti-vaccination movement soon realizes one thing: they lie a lot. They make up a lot of stuff. They repeat those lies and made up stuff so much in their little echo chambers that they are so convinced that it is a fact. They repeat that pattern so many times on so many issues that they are quite delusional. So many of their lies are so easy to debunk, but they become immune to the truth, hence the memes that there is no vaccine for stupidity.

For example, the claim that there are aborted fetal cells in vaccines and more recently in the COVID-19 vaccines has been debunked so many times. Has that stopped them from making the claim? No.

Fetal cell tissue has been used in vaccine development through growing viruses in cultured human fetal cells that did originally come from therapeutically aborted fetuses from the 1970’s. The cells from those continue to be cultured from those original cell lines and there are no new aborted fetal tissues being used. These a fetal cell lines and not fetal tissue. Some vaccine manufacturers use these cell lines to develop and test the vaccine, but the vaccine does not contain any fetal cells. That is just stupid fear mongering and lies from the anti-vaccination crowd.

To make it even more ridiculous and neither the Pfizer nor Moderna COVID-19 vaccines actually even used those cell lines in the development or manufacturing of their vaccines, as they are mRNA vaccines. Given that anti-vaxxers keep claiming that they have “done their research” you would think that they would know that. For some reason, everyone who looks into this except them knows that. When that gets pointed out to them, they just shift the goal posts (they do that a lot) and claim that the mRNA vaccines alter DNA. If they really “did their research“, then they would have known that this is chemically impossible and not how RNA and DNA work.

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